Sunpritha is one of the country’s brightest young talents in the field of Criminal Law.

We had to fight off the competition to recruit her to Garrick Law, and you will understand why when you meet her.

Her strong work ethic comes from her family background in business, now allied to legal experience. As well as a background in a solicitors’ firm, Sunpritha is one of only a handful of criminal lawyers who has also worked in a premier division Barristers Chambers.

Sunpritha is experienced in managing serious crime, sexual offences, motoring offences and white collar crime, including fraud cases of substantial weight. She is available to communicate and explain procedure and discuss tactical issues concisely and clearly. Where necessary she will instruct an expert in the specific field to provide more detailed technical advice or respond to queries.

Sunpritha’s personable, positive, approachable and adaptable manner results in building trust and is recognised as an invaluable client care asset for both lay and professional clients. She has an innately attentive, conscientious and diligent approach to managing the challenging needs and expectations of clients. She is talented in handling vulnerable individuals with empathy and patience, regardless of whether they are clients or witnesses. Her ability to hold her nerve under pressure results in her being described as a “rock” by many of our clients.

Sunpritha ensures consistently high quality standards of case preparation by setting goals and targets for your legal team and monitoring their progress. This ensures compliance with court directions and timetables. She excels in liaising with the Police, CPS,  and other prosecuting bodies to ensure she defies the odds and delivers results for our clients.