Formal Separation can be an alternative or intermediary step before divorce.

There are times when parties may not wish to divorce, but instead wish to live separately. Parties may choose to separate due to religious beliefs or even for tax planning issues. Separation can be a permanent arrangement, or a step towards divorce by consent. Alternatively a couple who have been married for less than 12 months are unable to divorce immediately, so a period of separation will be required.

We will advise on what option suits your circumstances, setting out advantages and disadvantages, and giving you legal and practical advice tailored to your needs, with particular emphasis on your children and finances.

If you do not want to divorce, but wish to separate your finances, we can help you to agree the terms of a separation agreement setting out the agreed division of the family’s assets at the time of separation. We can also obtain a judicial separation from the court which, although bringing to an end your obligations as a spouse, does not terminate the marriage.


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