Divorce is one of the most painful and traumatic episodes of a person’s life. We know you have not chosen to be in such a position, and we will do all we can to ease the process for you.

Just as every relationship is unique, so is every separation, and every divorce. We do not use standard templates, but instead will get to know you and your situation before giving advice.

We will guide you through the legal processes, we will ensure we protect your financial and emotional interests, and we will ensure that the needs of your children are protected too. If you have a high public profile then we know how to minimise adverse publicity.

Divorces are more complex than most people realise, and it is rare that a couple can complete a divorce without professional help. Engaging a lawyer does not mean that you are being confrontational with your partner. Whenever possible we will make arrangements by negotiation, and we will only use other legal processes as a last resort. However if your partner is being obstructive, then we will act swiftly and robustly on your behalf, and ensure that we defy the odds and deliver the best possible outcome for you.


Nick Gova

Director - Family

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