Divorce is one of the most painful and traumatic episodes of a person’s life. We know you have not chosen to be in such a position, and we will do all we can to ease the process for you.

Divorces are more complex than most people realise, and it is rare that a couple can complete a divorce without professional help. If there is an international aspect to your marriage or your living arrangements, then this becomes even more important. This may apply if you or your partner are citizens of another country; if you got married outside the UK; if you spend a large part of your time outside the UK; or if you have significant financial interests in another country.

In these circumstances it is essential that you engage a specialist legal team as early as possible in the process.

At Garrick Law we have experience of divorce processes in multiple international jurisdictions, and have a network of international specialists who can provide further advice. We will guide you through the facts, procedure and stages of applying for a divorce, and provide strategic advice on which approach and which jurisdiction is most likely to deliver the best outcome for you.


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