We are specialists in advising on the complicated subject of Talaq (Islamic Divorce).

We assist in guiding you through the complex procedure and what will be involved at each stage of:

  • the arbitration meeting;
  • assistance with completing the Islamic Sharia Councils Talaq form;
  • the appropriate timing and procedure of the written and verbal divorce;
  • the period and procedure after the oral divorce, in order to allow the couple time to reconcile;
  • the steps which must be undertaken to physically terminate the marriage;
  • advice on when and how the Islamic Council will recognise the termination of the marriage and issue the Talaq Nama;
  • assistance with completing the Talaq Nama form;
  • advice on the amount of the payment (Dowery) the male should make to the female at the conclusion of the divorce, if he ends the marriage; and
  • advice on how parallel civil proceedings operate in UK.


Nick Gova

Director - Family

+44 (0)203 196 7841