At Garrick Law we believe that everyone deserves top-class legal representation. That is why all our clients are represented by one of our client relationship directors. They will take personal responsibility for your case. They will meet with you face to face. They will be available for your phone calls and emails. They will put together a legal team of other solicitors, barristers, and whichever experts you need. You can talk to any of the other team members as you need to, but be assured that your client relationship director is still in charge.

Garrick Law is one of the only firms in the country that is run jointly by barristers and solicitors. This means that one of our own barristers can review your case at an early stage and work with your  client relationship director to advise on your case. This makes it easier for us to decide the best strategy and build the best team for you, and in the long run also can reduce your costs.


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