This is one of the most crucial and stressful factors in any separation or divorce.

We provide practical and clear advice, taking into account your individual circumstances including the length of marriage, age, assets, income and earning capacities.  Assets may include the family home, investment properties, pensions, maintenance, national and international businesses. We can provide specialist advice on how complex international wealth, trusts and inherited wealth will impact your financial settlement, and how different international jurisdictions may act in or against your interests.

We deploy a strategic approach to assist you in determining the appropriate settlement. One factor which sets us apart from our competitors is that we recognise that swift action is required in order to obtain a just financial arrangement. We will advise on what steps needs to be taken to prevent spouses or partners concealing, removing or disposing of financial assets. Where necessary we will instruct a recognised financial investigator.

We recognise that to achieve the best financial settlement for you will require us to identify, instruct and work closely with top experts in their field. This may include accountants, property and business valuers, and financial advisers.

We are experts at providing realistic advice on financial claims on behalf of children in relation to housing, capital, school fees and maintenance. We can advise on the factors the Court will take into account when establishing the best needs of your children.

We act for intervenors and third parties such as companies, business partners, parents and siblings. This is necessary when one or both of the separating parties in a divorce claim ownership of assets that rightly belong to others.  If you are in this situation we can act promptly to ensure your interests are recognised and protected.


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Director - Family

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