Narita Bahra: Redefining the Bar

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“I remember going to my school careers fair, and they were offering catering courses! It was my father who said: “just become a barrister!” I had to aspire to be what I wanted to be and be guided by a television program called Crown Court ………. Now, a director as part of her own law firm, Garrick Law, which addresses the gap in the market whereby professionals can be advised and advocated when accused of serious crimes, from murder and armed robberies to drug cartels and conspiracies, to preserve their hard-earned reputations, and having appeared on Sky News to give comment on the internationally reverberating Weinstein case, the legally binding Bahra doesn’t just prove that every woman can excel in an influential position, but should be unapologetic as she does so.”

Read all about how Narita is redefining the bar and view her profile here:

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